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Sheng in semiconductor

Esprit Beijing Epristeride is by Hongkong Dima development limited investment in a wholly-owned enterprises, company formationsince its inception, has been committed to high-end Esprit Epristeride semiconductor equipment R & D and production. China is one of the few successful MOCVD and production equipment of the enterprises.In 2011 the Esprit Ag developed the first domestic production of MOCVD equipment, the same year as a dry from Esprit Ag introduce a MOCVD device, to purchase the equipment, dry as photoelectric said, equipment of the technical indicators are not less than import MOCVD. The device is four yuan of equipment, mainly used in the production of four yuan of red and yellow light LED chip and solar cell.Sheng in semiconductor
Jiangsu Sheng semiconductor by Huasheng Denon Denon investment holding company, in which photoelectric holding 56% stake in the company. Sheng in the semiconductor is mainly engaged in MOCVD R & D and manufacturing equipment, in Shanghai has more than 60 R & D center.

2012 January Jiangsu Sheng semiconductor completed the first innovation pilot MOCVD equipment installation and debugging, and off the assembly line in Shanghai, according to the plan, from 2012 February, the company will enter the test equipment in the process of assessment and the epitaxial process stages of development, and strive in 2013 February, company MOCVD equipment installed into customers link.
Delong laser
As a rapid rise of laser equipment manufacturers, Delong laser focus on R & D, production and sales of all types of industrial laser equipment, solar energy, LED and LCD as the main market, in optical and laser equipment field gradually broke the foreign equipment manufacturers long-term monopoly situation, is the most potential for development of LED high-speed cutting machine production operator.
In recent years,solar waferDelong laser scribing machine LED high speed growth is rapidder, only the first half of 2011 sales reached 50-60 stage, LED domestic companies in the dicing machine market already has a 50%-60% share.
Northern Microelectronics
Northern microelectronics as a high-end LED equipment manufacturers of the leading manufacturers, 2010, developed the first domestic oriented LED production line of large capacity ICP etching equipment into the market, with a good selection ratio, high etch rate, leading particle control technology, northern microelectronics in the market has gained a good reputation.
In 2011, northern microelectronics LED etching equipment successively to the Shanghai blue, Dalian Lu Mei, with the side photoelectric, industrial companies such as sales, and the Shanghai blue, in gallium arsenide semiconductor companies such as procurement orders again.
Sub valafranca
2008 Yawei Lang from the U.S. team of experts and Zheshang investment team co-founded, and Whelan since its inception, through mergers and acquisitions of listed companies AXT LED division assets, obtained by photoelectric AXT LED in the field of all patent technologies and 70% R & D team, replacing the common enterprises set up must undergo equipment debugging phase, shortened the company's earnings cycle.
Sub Whelan has a set of independently established LED epitaxial wafer and chip technology, can bypass the current international giant patent barriers limit, 2011 Yawei Lang production white chip light emitting efficiency has reached 120lm / W, laboratory Green Chip light-emitting efficiency has reached 150lm / W, its business income also has 100%
Cable manufacturergrowth rate exceeded 100 million yuan mark.