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such as water

The life is such as water

The thou is Chinese and Foreign now, to comparing to of water is too much."Ascend kind if water, water kind benefit creation but don't contend for" says that the most classic moral qualities isn't like water that brings advantage but does beg repay for creation, it may be said to aqueously compare to push toward a certain extreme achievement.Near read a relevant writing that lately solves "ascend kind if water", feel thankful current affairs life, don't feel and then living a regrets:Take water as a mirror, can reflect Jian life.The life is like water, square natural and unrestrained one a life time.

Mindset in Ping-ho is quiet such as water

Tang Dynasty poet, Liu Yu Xi, feels deeply about "long hate public of not equal to water, carelessly the flat ground rise great waves".Public although not equal to water, be unequal to can not reach to.Water comes from the eminence, flows to the low place, is go to return into ocean, expensive at quiet low key.Life like this, meet a matter to be to have common heart:The contented is often happy-on the fame and wealth problem, don't entertain wild hope, don't disappoint, more can't despair;Ability ninja often Anne-unless contend for me less greatly and greatly and not Gao you are low, endurance, endure to let once also boundless as the sea and sky, Be getting calmer;Honesty often at-do not do ungrateful act, be honest person, eat fragrantly and sleep steadily, sometimes in the moment may eat some Kui, but finally don't suffer a los.

Morally upright is clear such as water

Water has no color, radiant and extremely keen, pure see bottom.Behavior, deal with affairs, hold official post, if transparent and like water, open and aboveboard then from cradle to the grave, the social values is necessarily also pure.Expand sense of right, arouse muddy Yang pure, the beard contains such kind of pure man's natural character, morally upright behavior;Way to get along with people, don't divide far near close or distant friends, a see colleague;Human relations association, don't make to pull to help a knot parties, one Hong clear water;Hear carefree speech, don't make to send a punitive expedition, laugh off;Develop critique, not the turn put on Cape son, a vomit for quick;The law in front doesn't divide the power expensive commons, all equal;The matter of principle doesn't trend blindly, whole body sense of right.