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The gold jewelry consumes cool

Get into September, Shenzhen welcomes after the summer season lately one consumes a high tide, among them eye-catcher BE, along with this year international gold price all the way the breeze livings water to rise, gold jewelry is also become an upscale luxury goods market in of"spoil son".Yesterday, the piece conducting gold jewelry for several years in water shell always told a reporter, folks said "gold nine silvers ten" and at present got married peak season, again connect met festivals, such as Mid-Autumn and great occasion of nation...etc., stired up the residents' consumption enthusiasm, although it is said the gold price continuously soared, gold decoration the price was still expensive, but didn't arrive gold"attraction".However, the reporter understands to°from gold jewelry profession in Shenzhen and compares with former years, the gold decoration market has to reduce the heat it may be said and outside hot inside cold, the gold price hurricane ups north route real take prosperous is a gold to hide article and investment market.Consumption:The market falls 20% manyYesterday morning, in strong north luxuriant industry first floor jewelry area in R.O.C, Ms. Liu was gotting married purchase gold decoration for son,plate heat exchanger manufacturershe said:"Listenned to since the childhood the adult say that bought a gold alongside body, the son prepared great occasion of nation stanza Be married, prepared to buy a set of gold machine to send to the daughter-in-law, gold again expensive also wanted to buy of, this was the traditional custom, another now inflation so severe, I see buy gold jewelry for the younger generation ratio to send cash strong."Wholesale a market in water shell jewelry, and the male friend strolls together the Ni young lady of jewelry shop tells a reporter, is more opposite than to protect value to say, in fact buy a gold the most important of still keep decorating a function, " so I buy a gold jewelry article, not pure pursue to protect a value, but must be the style that oneself likes most ."

Reporter each big gold monopoly store learns of from the Tao treasure company's city, although the international gold price soars,the gold jewelry article sells still rises, parts of brand store guest the unit price rises near 40%.
wedding dresses supplierThe related personage who is responsible for jewelry category according to the Tao treasure company's city introduces, company's city currently with satisfy marriage consumption and give presents demanding of small piece vogue gold jewelry the article is most bought by net the consumer welcome.

However, the reporter understands to°from the industry insider, after above this kind of gold jewelry sells the idea that the fire explodes, in fact hide a certain worried.100 Tai jewelry jewelry limited company chief executive officer, deluxe economic teacher Cao suns in Shenzhen means that because the gold price is more and more high and process a fee but have no obvious increase, the cost of the gold decoration is more and more high and make manufacturer and sale company unbearable and then make the consumer goods market had and atrophy."Do not see gold price this year rose 30%, but the actual consumption quantity of the gold market decoration with together compared to on the contrary descend last year 20% is at least."

Cao sun explains, the past gold price only has 80 dollars/gram and approaches 400 dollars/gram now;Is also say, the manufacturer process one ton gold each time in the past, needs a funds 80,000,000, process one each time now the ton gold demand funds 4 hundred million, produce a funds to measure too greatly;But in the meantime, manufacturing cost and expenses increase, the personnel wages increases and have how many manufacturers can bear rise thus huge funds cost?Correspond of,
dvb manufacturerthe goods amount of funds and cost of the spreading of dealer also consumedly increased, when the gold price climbs to a high, big part more rational consumer is also hesitating to wait for, as a result made the whole consumption market of gold decoration appeared a fall and atrophy.

The Cao sun suggests that gold decoration not is invest an article and don't have to invest function and also allow of no inconstancy now and Be mainly used for wearing to wear adornment, oneself likes good, can buy in any times.He thinks, if the international gold price breaks USD 2000/ounce, this year's gold consumes a market to isn't prosperous the peak season.

Collect:Together compare to increase 20% much
The gold market is divided into three realms:Consume, collect and invest.If say gold that consuming a market is clear hot dark cold of words, gold's collecting then can use with investment"in imposing array" describe.
Collect article group leader according to precious metal in Guangdong the business enterprise is wide sky of to hide an article vice president beam snow China introduction, suggest at the sale statistics of widely deep 30 chain stores in the two sideses according to that company, sell to together compare to increase 24% for this year 1~8 months;Together compare to increase 90% just in August, the wreath ratio increases 61%.The favor precious metal hides the main investor of article much in order to purchase ability, anti- risk ability to compare stronger customer, age range with 30~60 years old is lord.Beam snow China means that designing is special, has the precious metal of important topic to collect an article usually is extoled, this also reflects market's optimistic emotion for the gold trend in future.She anticipates, the gold collects profession sale to usually be subjected to international gold price the trend and seasonal changes influence and collected the article very hot sale situation to see currently from the gold, gold price at walked in the near future brief dish the whole situation behind, will re-collect to soar a trend.

Precious metal's collecting the regulation that the personal conduct industry also has "gold nine silvers ten" , since September till the end of the year, is a precious metal to collect a high peak period.According to wide sky of statistics, sold regulation to see from the former years, this 4 sale sums of months took up 58% of the whole yearses from September to December.The reason includes Sa:One is nine, October mostly the Chinese Zodiac Sign gold and silver currency become available in the market time, but Chinese Zodiac Sign precious metal is through the years through long not Shuai of hot sell to hide an article.Have been also marriage since September to celebrate concentration period secondly, symbol rich and honored good luck the gold collect an article, always all traditional of the marry valuable article.Three is a various Mid-Autumn,
fashion jewelry supplier great occasion of nation, and Chinese New Year...etc. festival in succession and be rich with the precious metal of cultural bottom Yun to collect an article since then suitable is more solemn and impressive gift