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The Little Ice Age

The little ice age, refers to a period during the medieval warm period after the beginning of the period. About the beginning of fifteenth Century, the global climate to a cold period, known as the" Little Ice Age", also known as" the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China during the little ice age," the end of the little ice age in the early twentieth Century.From the beginning of sixteenth Century, the European region widespread glacial expansion and the tongue forward, abnormal climate of the cold war, famine and epidemics, the Germanic population decreased from 16000000 to 9000000." The Ming and Qing Dynasties during the little ice age" to Chinese agricultural society brings huge blow, even became the fuse of wars, such as in the middle period of the Ming Dynasty (about 1500 ) northern minority nationality frequent invasion,Hong Kong water slidewar is more, especially with the tartar is among the more erupted in many wars, including the " fort civil change", while 1640-1700 is the little ice age in the cold period, the South and the entry, establishment of power time is also consistent with the.

Across the Eurasia many strong cold weather still continues in some areas, hundred years most low temperature. At the same time, the Shanghai center meteorological station at 5 when released by Shanghai city cold wave warning : a wave of strong cold air will" relay" Shen Cheng, the minimum temperature will be dived 7 - 9 DEG C, the more likely after the first cold blue warning issued.

Cold! Cold! Cold! Whether this indicates that the world is about to usher in the 20 - 30 years of the" Little Ice age". In response, Shanghai Central Meteorological Station Chief Service official said, it is still early.

Yesterday after midnight the whole city various areas have ushered in precipitation. According to today's 0 to 8 when the accumulated rainfall display: Downtown Xujiahui 15.1 mm; County, Baoshan District was the most obvious, cumulative rainfall of 21 mm, and 19.5 mm in Fengxian District Jiading District; cumulative rainfall is 6.8 mm, the remaining areas were in the 11 - 17 mm.

Due to nocturnal radiation cooling is not obvious, the city at the lowest temperature yesterday continued to rise in the urban area of Xujiahui, the minimum temperature of 7.6 degrees; district in Songjiang District, in addition to the minimum temperature of 4.9 degrees, the remaining areas were in the 6 to 7 DEG C.

This morning 2 when, the north south strong cold fronts have arrived in Harbin, Beijing and Yanan line, Shanghai Central Meteorological Station at five o'clock issued Shanghai city cold wave warning: today the largest overcast rainy weather, rainfall up to the Middle East, 3-4, afternoon turns northerly wind gust 5 6-7 level, is expected to today, the maximum temperature of 9 degrees celsius. With the North strong cold air pressure is expected to gradually close, before and after the evening started to affect the city, the temperature will drop apparently, process cooling rate of up to 7 - 9 DEG C, and 5-7 northerly winds. Tonight the city will be overcast with light rain or sleet turns cloudy.
HK plastic wood Lantern Festival Lantern Citizens Advice out, preparing good rain gear and forget good warm measures.

As the cold air gradually" captured" Shanghai, precipitation will gradually stop, tomorrow, cloudy weather, but the temperature will also have apparent fall, wind will increase, predicts the minimum temperature at about 0 DEG C, the suburbs will be less.

Expected, 8 and 9 in the morning the minimum temperature can reach 1 DEG C below zero to 2 DEG C below zero, a thin, suburb of - 3 DEG C to minus 5 DEG C, have frozen or severe frost. No. 10, Shanghai will also usher in a wave of precipitation, but temperature rise and fall not quite.

The central meteorological station this morning 6 when to release cold blue warning: affected by strong cold air, today 8 to 8 days 8 when, in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, in the northwest, northeast, north, Huang Huai, JAC, Jianghan, southern Southern China,
Hong Kong safety surfacesouthwest, Southeast and northeast and other places will be 6 - 8 degrees Celsius temperature.