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Watching children grow up

Baby, we depend on each other, become days, only the forty week, two hundred and eighty days. You live in the mother's belly, mother like a kangaroo like moment with you, when the mother is very hard, also very well. You grew up, mother's belly is getting bigger, like a big balloon, just the balloon is hollow, the mother's belly but you. When you are strong enough, in the belly of a space for you is too crowded, you begin with the cuff and kick head with expressing your dissatisfaction. Her stomach is not you, through the painful process, you are born, that is you......... Ugly, but great you cry連褲襪.This is the first time to leave you, leave the mother's body, cut the umbilical cord, you become independent villain. The mother's heart with joy, have moved, also have a little bit lost, because from now on, you no longer belong to me alone. But, you know? Mother's milk is the best gift from God, it is not only supply you with nutrition, it is the mother's comfort. When you first left, because it, mom and you heart to heart together. Remember you just born, closed his eyes, small mouth toot their hard work for milk, my mother for the first time to really understand the "flung himself" the meaning of this sentence. You see how hard working, thy mother is overflowing love, want to hold you tight, you grow up slowly, I miss you, from small body to your long life.But, mother also know, it is not possible, one day, my mother would leave first, and you, will continue to live, to live your life. So, when you were a little baby, mother to hug you, many have a look you, cherish each picture we stuck together.So remember, just a month, you experience the life of the first Meng long, they lie can not play a Wah Wah cries all day, don't eat enough, day and night to eat. Mom can do is hang you on a body, mother told her: you grew up in, this is only a small bank, we should all over.
Slowly, the newborn appearance, gradually away from the mother, the mother has a plump you. You can turn over, sitting, crawling, when you nurse will transform a variety of difficult position. My mother looks in the eye, a sigh, you grew again, until recently, haven't you ever so love, mother some melancholy. Yes ah, the day you always have weaned, it is known from the beginning of the ah, but when it saw coming, I still bursts lost. No umbilical cord, no milk, how are we going to. The second time you left, my mother was not ready for. Okay, okay, come on baby, I had only to cherish every moment now, because it will not be called again.
But in fact, I also believe that, even without this link, we will still, still be closely linked, that is, because the love you, mom, for the full physical and mental love. My mother would read stories to you, to tell you the truth, to accompany you to play the game, teach you to draw and write. Cut the umbilical cord, also off the milk, but the mother's love, still everfount, it just changed an exit door. It will be from the mother warm words, gentle eyes, slowly flowing, flowing into your little heart. Thought of here, my mother has suddenly relax -- later, you will leave again, leaving the mother and the children play, go to the kindergarten, go to school, maybe go farther and farther to go to university, go to work, get married, have children of your own, you will be far away from mother and. But I believe, even if we are not together, but heart will be together, we will each other.
Think, my mother when you were a little kid, you young in your heart, a love of seed, now, wait for you well grow up塑身內衣.
From now on, watched you grow up, to send you to leave, with deep love......