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Whether UPS can defend thunder

UPS on the market mainly can is divided into two major types now now:UPS and internal gearing that didn't install to defend a thunder spare part contains UPS to defend a thunder spare part.Don't install UPS of defending the thunder spare part, this UPS included to produce in early days and currently UPS of partially small power, its defending thunder function can say that"have no", can to the city charged barbed wire net conduct electricity to press or pimping miscellaneous spread electric current to have the power of the protection function of decontamination.While striking by lightning approach, its first hit is been bad by the shot.The internal gearing contains UPS to defend a thunder spare part and divides 2 here:
Have UPS of the defending of not up to standard thunder spare part, this UPS production factory house for saving cost, just the symbol packs the metal butter of zinc of a set of small power and presses quick electric resistance MOV, can to pimping respond thunder and lightning and have a certain protection of function.

Part of import famous brand UPS and how many local famous UPSs produces a factory house to have the defending of standard the thunder spare part in the its UPS internal gearing, whether this UPS can perfectly protect an UPS oneself, and pass a protection oneself but attain to protect other equipments the power of doing not need and encountering thunder and lightning of violate of purpose?The answer is negative.The statistics data that measureses over a long period of time according to the scientists enunciation keeps shot thunder and lightning to build on stilts a leading of circuit creation to press a value to be up to a 100 KVs in the general low pressure, the telecommunication circuit is up to 40~60 KVs.Respond thunder and lightning to lead to press a value at have never shielded to build on stilts on-line tallest of the standard reaches to a 20 KVs, having never shielded the underground electric cable can reach to a 10 KVs, imaginable, even if have to match IEC801-5, the standards defend UPS of thunder spare part, if its the power circuit head(go together with electricity room, building, cabinet and box) has never added effective high energy to defend a thunder spare part etc. allocation, this UPS equally will suffer the destiny of damaging sex thunder.The intelligence is turning UPS, the remote control is connected with the correspondence circuit RS232 or RS485 and have of have never packed an anti- wave to flow out electric circuit, have only to pack a small power wave to flow out to repress electric circuit, can not even prevent°from responding to strike by lightning.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS, UPS Power Supply is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide clean high quality power without any break in supply.

On the Zong say, inside pack to defend a thunder spare part UPS can availably protect the power to don't need to encounter the talk point that the thunder and lightning violates is obviously false, but please rectify to come over as soon as possible as for the same profession s that guide to work to practice by this kind of thought, adopt to carefully defend thunder measure, protect your valuable UPS and other equipmentses.