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Wireless mouse

The first pointThe 1 delay and radiation problems, in the early days of the wireless mouse, mouse delay is not a small problem, but with the mouse chip development and wireless technology applications,mother's dayin the general household or office use, currently on the market mainstream wireless mouse delay is not apparent, can meet the needs of the users of the class. But for professional game player, probably most wireless mouse is not applicable. In fact, all electronic products have radiation, but radiation of different sizes, the market mainstream wireless mouse with 2.4GHz wireless technology, there are few using Bluetooth wireless technology, but in the radiation problem, we did not specifically measured wireless products radiation data, but from a technical point of view, these two kind of wireless technology radiation is very small, can be neglected. So, because of time delay and radiation that reject the wireless mouse, there seems to be a bit unreasonable.
Second point
2wireless keyboard and mouse has a maximum difference, wireless mouse through the battery to supply power, and the wired mouse through the computer power supply, so the wireless mouse battery power consumption size can affect the use of the user cost, this is also the netizen reaction is a most problem, some of the power consumption of wireless mouse the larger, the batteries need to be replaced, for many users use the latter part of the cost increase, but from a market point of view, the service life of the battery at about 3 months of product is a good choice, but users can consider to use rechargeable batteries to save late cost. In addition, the inside of the mouse into the battery, will increase the weight of mouse and mouse pad, affect the friction force, the market for wireless mouse with single and double battery 5, also use the number 7 battery. Therefore, the battery life and wireless mouse weight is not a small problem.
Third point
In 3wireless mouse is not suitable for playing the game, and the reason for? For some occupation game player or to game operation requirements of the higher game player, wireless mouse compared to wired mouse does not have an advantage, mainly reflected in terms of performance, but the market also has specifically for the game player designed for gaming mouse,air mousesuch as the Logitech G7. Wireless mouse is suitable to play the game, but with the game type, user demand greater relationship. It is not completely deny the wireless mouse is not suitable for playing games, but in the athletics game, the players use the wireless mouse occupation has not appeared.Fourth point4for using the technology of 2.4GHz wireless mouse, at first use, must after rate matching process, for some users, compared to the wired mouse, this process may seem more trouble. So the wireless mouse adapter while also uses USB interface, but before its first use, must undergo pairing process.Fifth point
5 early wireless mouse, expensive price and not every consumer can accept, but as a wireless mouse product increasing, the market for low-end wireless mouse with mouse on an equal footing, but with the same level compared to the wired mouse, wireless mouse price will be higher,operable wall so the price factor is the netizen does not buy a wireless mouse a reason